Euronews TV Channel airs reportage on Azerbaijan’s Shirvan National Park

The Euronews TV Channel has broadcast a reportage highlighting Azerbaijan's Shirvan National Park. In this episode of Explore Azerbaijan, Euronews reporter Anca Ulea discovers some of the diverse natural landscapes around Baku on a day trip to Azerbaijan's Shirvan National Park. 'Located an hour and a half's drive away from Azerbaijan's capital, the park was founded in 2003 to protect the indigenous goitered gazelle, a species that almost went extinct in the 1960s due to overdevelopment and poaching. Anca explores Shirvan's grasslands in an off-roading vehicle, alongside the park's director Seymour Karimov, who takes her to an observation deck to see the gazelles up close. Shirvan National Park is now home to some 7,000 goitered gazelles, one of the largest populations in the whole Caucasus region,' the author said. The reportage mentioned that on her way back to Baku, Anca stopped by the Gobustan Historical and Artistic Reserve. 'The outdoor museum is known for its remarkable collection of rock art dati ng back to the Mesolithic Era, and is a popular tourist destination during the day,' the author noted. 'As the sun begins to set, Anca heads up to the top of Boyukdash mountain to take in the view over some tea. The wild landscape takes on a mystical air at golden hour, bringing an end to the day's adventure,' the author emphasized. Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency

Author: ubadmin