Armenian criminal Rashid Beglaryan said that they killed 200 civilians who were going from Khojaly to Agdam and buried them around Asgaran fortress

During the interrogation, the accused Rashid Beglaryan informed that he was a participant in the Khojaly tragedy in February 1992, APA reports citing Azerbaijan's State Security Service. Rashid Beglaryan said that on February 25, 1992, the Armenian armed forces and the illegal Armenian armed units operating under them attacked from the city of Khankendi to the city of Khojaly, where the civilian population is densely populated, in accordance with the prearranged plan. the surviving Azerbaijani civilians were given false promises that they could safely pass through Asgaran district and go in the direction of Agdam district. up to 200 civilians, including women, children and the elderly, ambushed and killed them with automatic weapons in the area near Askeran Castle. After the personal belongings of the deceased were looted by the members of the criminal gang, their bodies were buried around Askeran Castle. Source: Azeri-Press News Agency