Armenians trying to gather Islamophobes from around the world in Jerusalem

The Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem claims to be under "possibly the greatest existential threat of its 16-century history". As such, the Armenian Patriarchate has issued a communiqué demanding Christians worldwide to support the Armenians in Jerusalem, who may lose their homes in this city. All of this occurred due to the fault of the patriarchate itself. Earlier, the Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem unlawfully leased about 25 percent of the Armenian quarter to an Israeli company for 99 years. According to the deal, a hotel and entertainment establishments were supposed to be built in the territory of the Armenian quarter known as "Cow's Garden". Furthermore, residents living in the area of the Armenian monastery in the adjacent quarters were to be evicted. Amid anger, confusion, and the threat of eviction, the Armenian Patriarchate, which oversees both religious and civil matters of the community, has finally acknowledged that the church entered into a land deal, further fueling tensions in the Armeni an Quarter. Ultimately, on November 1, the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem announced that it had decided to terminate the lease agreement. Why does the Armenian Patriarchate of Israel express discontent now, having sold its land and neglecting its own people? In reality, it's clear that this outrage is nothing more than a fabrication. Furthermore, amidst the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel, where all the residents of the region are suffering and facing life-threatening situations, such statements seem absurd. The appeals for global Christians and Armenians to aid Armenians in Jerusalem are a clear display of Islamophobia by the Patriarchate. By summoning Islamophobes similar to themselves to Jerusalem, Armenians are simply provoking yet another conflict. Clearly, the Armenian Patriarchate shows no concern for the fate of Christians, Muslims, or even their fellow Armenians. Clearly, the fate of Christians, Muslims, and even their fellow Armenians is of no concern to the Armenian Patriarchat e, and these disputes over a piece of land, while a war is ongoing and people are dying, simply reveal the true nature of Armenians - universally the same wherever they are. Source: Trend News Agency