Azerbaijan has always respected sovereignty, territorial integrity of Armenia – MFA

"U.S. side while mentioning the importance of taking forward the peace process, forgets to mention that for more than two months Armenia has not been responding to Azerbaijan's proposals on the peace agreement, thus delaying the process," says the Commentary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan in response to groundless remarks by U.S. Assistant Secretary of State James O'Brien at the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Subcommittee on Europe hearing, APA reports. "Despite the fact that it was Azerbaijan who has initiated the peace process with basic principles and the necessity of signing the peace agreement, including the need for demarcation/delimitation of borders and opening up the communication lines, Assistant Secretary of State refrained from noting that the efforts in these areas were undermined and derailed by Armenia for the last three years. In contrary to Armenia, Azerbaijan has always respected the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Armenia, that was also reconfirmed in the Prague m eeting in October 6, 2022," the Commentary notes. Source: Azeri-Press news agency

Author: ubadmin