Azerbaijan to join Bazar International de Luxembourg

Azerbaijan will be represented by a large stand at the Bazar International de Luxembourg, which will take place on November 24-26 at LuxExpo. Azerbaijan's stand will be organized by the country's Embassy in the Kingdom of Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Supported by Azerbaijani companies such as "Abad", "Azersun", "Azeripak", "Aspi", "Balkhoorma", "Meysari", "Savalan", "Shabyant", "Silkway", "Ravira", the country's national stand will donate the collected funds to fight global poverty. The stand will promote the country's culture, as well as showcase its national products. The national stand will help visitors to discover history, culture, cuisine through various books and publications offered to them. The Azerbaijani stand will also feature a video highlighting the cultural heritage of the country. During the two-day event, visitors will be able to taste and buy Azerbaijan's high-quality national products such as wines, fresh tea, pomegranate juice, rose and fig jams, as well as traditional sweet pastry - baklava, shekerbura. The stand, decorated with national ornaments, will also feature fruits and vegetables (pomegranates, quinces, persimmon, feijoa, tomatoes, cucumbers). Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency