Azerbaijan’s regaining of Karabakh presents unique opportunity for regional stability and economic dev’t – Politico

Azerbaijan's regaining of Karabakh, a territory long held by Armenia, presents a unique opportunity for regional stability and economic development, Janusz Bugajski, a senior fellow at the Jamestown Foundation, wrote in his article for Politico, Trend reports. The author noted that international reports, including those from a UN mission, suggest that the Azerbaijani Army, in reclaiming Karabakh, avoided targeting civilians, thus, no statement regarding the alleged "ethnic cleansing" are true. Instead, much of the Armenian population's exodus resulted from evacuations and the organization of citizens to leave by separatist "leaders", he added. Moreover, Bugajski pointed out that, the Zangezur Corridor connecting Azerbaijan with its exclave of Nakhchivan, could emerge as a vital trade route, linking the Caspian Basin directly with Trkiye and NATO territory. "Economic development across the Caucasus region could then be boosted by the development of trade ties between Baku and Yerevan, full diplomatic relat ions between Armenia and Trkiye, and the design of a new regional development agenda. For example, opening new energy pipelines between the Caspian Sea and Turkey would particularly assist all regional economies, with Armenia no longer excluded from transit. And as an expanding energy and trade hub with intensified links to Europe and the US, Azerbaijan could help enhance Armenia's economic development," the author noted. According to analyst, Azerbaijan, as an expanding energy and trade hub with intensified links to Europe and the US, could play a crucial role in fostering Armenia's economic development. Stability and cooperation in the region would attract capital inflow and Western investment, reducing dependence on Russia and offering protection from China's economic dominance, he said. "After 30 years of instability, this historical crossroads between the Black and Caspian seas now has the chance to tighten its political and economic links with the transatlantic world," the author said. Source: Tren d News Agency

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