More than 1000 illegal migrants detained in Azerbaijan last month

More than 1000 illegal migrants were detained in Azerbaijan last month, the State Migration Service of Azerbaijan told APA. As a result of measures implemented by State Migration Service against illegal migration, 9 foreigners who were brought to Azerbaijan by being deceived by the job promise in the Republic of Azerbaijan, who were engaged in labor without obtaining a job permit, as well as, foreigners who were living in Azerbaijan without address registration and without documents giving the right to live (illegally) were detained. In October 2023, overall, 1001 foreigners were detained by the State Migration Service during the measures against illegal migration.Them living (illegally) without documents giving them the right to stay and to live in the country, engaging in activities that do not match to the declared purpose of their arrival in the country, engaging in illegal labor activities, or do not living at their registered address was determined. Source: Azeri-Press news agency