The event on cutting the first carpets of the carpet collection “Fruits in the Orchard” took place by the support of “Azerkhalcha” OJSC (PHOTO)

The event took place in the carpet workshop of the Azerkhalcha OJSC located in Nardaran on the occasion of 13th anniversary of the inclusion of the traditional carpet weaving art of Azerbaijan in UNESCO's Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage with the direct initiative and support by Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva, the First Vice-President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and demonstration of the next cooperation of Azerkhalcha OJSC with young, talented, creative artists and carpet makers. At the event, there was a cutting ceremony of the first carpets woven based on the collection of paintings 'Fruits in the Orchard' by artist Samira Allahverdieva. The collection includes Karabakh carpets with thick pile such as "Talish", "Nakhchivan", "Malibayli", "Chelebi", "Khila Afshan" Shirvan, Baku, "Tirma buta" Ganja carpets. All carpets were woven by 14 female weavers in the Nardaran workshop of "Azerkhalcha" OJSC within 1 year. The fruit ornaments on the carpets are made with 3D technique. The carpets included i n the collection are limited in quantity: only 10 copies of each carpet. Emin Mammadov, Chairman of the Board of Azerkhalcha OJSC, Honored Art Worker, who attended to the ceremony, declared the event open and welcomed everyone. In his speech, he noted that it is now necessary to present our national and spiritual heritage, our carpets to the whole world in a more modern way in the changing and globalized world: 'Let our modern and attractive carpets of different colors become the most valuable decoration of modern interiors in all parts of the world! It's time for the whole world to see the rare pearls of Azerbaijan's carpet weaving art, which has been included in UNESCO's Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage for 13 years in modern design like our carpets, which we present today, processed with special 3D technique'. Samira Allahverdiyeva spoke at the event and expressed her thoughts about the idea of the collection, the reason for its creation and cooperation with Azerkhalcha OJSC: For the first time, I heard about carpets from my grandmother. Since I was a child, I watched how granny Zarnishan, a hereditary carpet weaver from Zangilan, makes incredibly beautiful carpets by putting her soul, inspiration and love for her native land in them. Literally, her carpets resembled boundless landscapes. 'Previously, local craftswomen rolled their carpets under almost each tree and poured almost all the fruits that grew in the region over carpets that so they dry quickly", said the grandmother. Till now I remember this magical 'rainbow' of sunny persimmons, bright pomegranate fruits, juicy lemons, which undoubtedly affected all my work. In Azerbaijan, we have always had a special attitude towards carpets - here they mean much more to people than just interior decoration or investment. The carpet is the heritage of ancestors, the carpet is childhood memories. And my childhood is a clear example of how these ornaments which is full of information from ancient times, are engraved not only in my visual memo ry, but also in my heart. The Azerbaijani carpet contains splendor of all local landscape colors: the dark blue sky, the bright golden sun, the thick green leaves, the bright colorful flowers and all the various shades of fruits and berries with which the Azerbaijan soil is rich. Each of my paintings have mysterious carpet motifs that reflect the juicy fruit elements that fertile soil of my country is rich in. The cooperation between me and 'Azerkhalcha' is just the chance that probably happens once in a lifetime, and not everyone deserves to present their creativity at the highest level, because the carpets of our joint project with 'Azerkhalcha' represent our country, its rich, centuries-old history, its unique nature, unique culture. Samira Allahverdieva, whose parents come from Zangilan, was born in Astarkhan. She graduated from the Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelor's degree of painting in 2007 and a master's degree of graphic design in 2014 and she is a member of the Union of Young Artists. She has participated in exhibitions in countries such as Azerbaijan, Turkey, USA, Belgium and Russia, and her works are kept in private collections. Azerkhalcha OJSC successfully continues relevant activities in the field of work and cooperation with youth for promoting traditional Azerbaijani carpet art both in Azerbaijan and abroad. Source: Trend News Agency