UAV attacks US military base in northern Iraq

The fighters of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq movement conducted a drone strike on the Al-Harir airbase, which houses American and international forces, in northern Iraq, TASS reports citing the movement's Telegram channel. The organization called the attack on the American base a response to "the crimes of the enemy in the Gaza Strip." The UAV, according to supporters of the Islamic Resistance of Iraq, hit its intended target. The base was repeatedly hit by drone strikes from the Shiite movement. On November 17, Sky News Arabia reported that a UAV attacked it and hit its target. On November 9 and 11, the base was also attacked by a drone. On November 16, the Qatari TV channel Al Jazeera reported citing a Pentagon representative that since October 17, US-controlled bases in Syria and Iraq have been subject to 58 attacks. Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency