UK Embassy in Azerbaijan reveals main goals of Leo Docherty’s visit to South Caucasus

The UK Embassy in Azerbaijan has revealed the main goals of the visit of UK Minister for Europe Leo Docherty to the South Caucasus, Trend reports. The embassy said that during the visit of Docherty will underline the unwavering support of the UK for the sovereignty and security principles. Furthermore, according to the embassy, he'll emphasize the urgent need for direct peace talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan to reach a long-term settlement for peace and stability. During his visit to the region, he will also discuss the agenda of democratic reforms in Armenia and Georgia, and promote the UK's expertise in aiding Azerbaijan's transition to renewable energy sources. "The UK was one of the first countries to support Azerbaijan in demining, providing advanced equipment, and conducting demining exercises for local authorities," the embassy reminded. "During his visit starting today to Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan, Leo Docherty will emphasize that the UK is stepping up its cooperation and support for peace and stability in the South Caucasus," the embassy pointed out. "Ahead of his visit to Yerevan, he noted that "the South Caucasus faces significant security challenges, both internally and from its neighbors which threaten to destabilise the region. In a volatile region, the UK is a reliable partner for reform, peace, and stability," the embassy added. Docherty had previously traveled to Azerbaijan in February 2023. Source: Trend News Agency

Author: ubadmin