US funds separatist regime in Armenia- Azerbaijani MFA

The US, as a party supporting the separatist regime and officially financing it, being the only country that regularly organizes their trips to the US and meetings with US officials, is also responsible for not averting the use of a double standards approach, Trend reports. The statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan came in response to the unfounded statements of US Assistant Secretary of State James O'Brien at the hearings of the Subcommittee on Europe of the House of Foreign Affairs Committee. Furthermore, while noting the significance of moving the peace process forward, the US side fails to emphasize that Armenia has not responded to Azerbaijan's proposals for a peace accord for more than two months, causing the process to be delayed. Despite the fact that Azerbaijan initiated the peace process with basic principles and the necessity of signing the peace agreement, including the need for demarcation and delimitation of borders and opening up communication lines, the Assistant Secret ary of State refrained from noting that Armenia has undermined and derailed efforts in these areas for the last three years. In contrast to Armenia, Azerbaijan has always maintained Armenia's sovereignty and territorial integrity, which was again reaffirmed at the October 6, 2022, summit in Prague. Azerbaijan, not only following the 2020 second Karabakh war but also for almost 30 years of occupation of its lands, has been committed to the norms and principles of international law and the peace process. On the contrary, the US side, being a mediator, has never urged Armenia, as an aggressor and a destabilizing source in the region, to act in line with international law, withdraw from the territories of Azerbaijan, and end the occupation, which lays a responsibility on the US side as well. Additionally, it was also an accountability of the US side that it has not prevented the double-standard approach, while being a side supporting the separatist regime, was the only country to officially fund this regime and facilitated their representative visits and meetings with the officials in the US on a regular basis. Source: Trend News Agency