We’re Committed To Enhancing Your Professional Devt, Customs Boss Assures Personnel

Bashir Adewale Adeniyi, the acting Comptroller Gen­eral of the Nigeria Customs Service, has averred that the service is committed to the professional development of its officers and men.

The customs boss also averred that the welfare and wellbeing of officers and men remained paramount in the agenda of his administra­tion.

The acting CGC made the assertions during his tour of offices at Nigeria Customs Service Head­quarters in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT.)

Adeniyi had embarked on a comprehensive tour of Ni­geria Customs Service Head­quarters, engaging one on one with officers and gaining valuable insights into their daily work.

During the interactions, the CGC listened attentively, appreciating the challeng­es and contributions of officers and men to build a Customs Service that sup­ports and empowers human resources.

“We are committed to en­hancing your professional development, welfare, and well-being. Our initiatives to improve training programs, ensure a conducive working environment, and provide necessary resources is par­amount in our administra­tion,” he emphasised.

The CGC commended outstanding officers for their dedication and exemplary service.

“Let us celebrate our un­sung heroes who go above and beyond to safeguard our nation’s borders. Together, we will foster a culture of team­work, transparency, and pride in our work.”

The CGC’s tour is a teas­er towards embarking on a transformative journey, driven by the commitment to an incredible customs family.