Western Azerbaijan Society responds to Armenian PM’s speech

"On his speech at the meeting of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly held in Yerevan, the Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan once again slandered Azerbaijan and distorted the activities of the Western Azerbaijan Community," the Community told APA in a statement. The statement reads: "We remind N. Pashinyan, who said that "Azerbaijan is preparing for military aggression against Armenia by calling Armenia Western Azerbaijan", that this is the same Armenia and N. Pashinyan's government, which kept the territories of Azerbaijan under occupation for 30 years, boasted about it, and in 2019, in Khankandi told the world, "Garabagh is Armenia, full stop", but later made a statement that "Armenia has never made a territorial claim against Azerbaijan". As for the term Western Azerbaijan, note that it is a term based on historical and geographical truth, and our Community's use of it is based on the right to self-identification recognized by international human rights conventions. Let N. Pashinyan, who objected to this expression, explain how it is that, according to his logic, saying "Artsakh", "Nagorno-Garabagh" is not a threat to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan, but using the term "Western Azerbaijan" means an attack on the sovereignty of Armenia! We stress once again that the Western Azerbaijan Community has no territorial claims against Armenia, and peace and reconciliation can be achieved not by N. Pashinyan's flattering words and by falsely creating a "democratic" image for himself, but by sincere steps. In this regard, we expect the government of N. Pashinyan to recognize the right of Azerbaijanis to return to their ancestral lands in Armenia and to start a dialogue with the Community to achieve historical reconciliation with Western Azerbaijanis." Source: Azeri-Press News Agency

Author: ubadmin